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KET is recognized nationally for its unwavering commitment to education, arts, citizenship and Kentucky’s heritage—the core values of KET’s mission. Historically, KET’s funding mix to honor this purpose has included state and federal allocations—all subject to economic and political fluctuations—as well as private support. A more stable and predictable funding source is essential to ensure and strengthen KET’s services that Kentuckians need, trust and expect. So KET has established four endowment funds to support lifelong learning opportunities for teachers, students, citizens and future generations.

Each fund is managed by independent advisors to ensure optimal growth and annual distributions of interest income for initiatives proposed by KET management and approved by the Commonwealth Fund for KET Board of Directors, as fiduciary agents. Overall investments, including estate gifts, have grown 75 percent in the past five years, half of which are endowed funds for the restricted purposes described below. Audited reports are available upon request.

For more information on supporting these endowments, contact Michele Ripley | President, Commonwealth Fund for KET | 859-258-7225 |