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New documentary commemorates 200 years of Covington history


New documentary commemorates 200 years of Covington history

For Release: 08/10/15 2:30 PM

In 1800, there were more bison than people living at The Point, the rocky piece of land across from what eventually became Cincinnati, Ohio. Not long after, though, Covington – the city that emerged there – would grow to become Kentucky’s second largest city after Louisville, a title it would hold for decades.

Covington at 200: Points of View, a new documentary that explores the rich, 200-year history of the city in celebration of its 2015 bicentennial, airs Sunday, Aug. 23 at 2/1pm on KET.

The documentary “looks back on 200 years of incredible growth and change in the city,” said co-producer Steve Oldfield. The film traces Covington’s early establishment and its key role during the Civil War through its evolution to its current status as a thriving modern city with world-class architecture and growing tech and R&D communities.

The film features interviews with many Covington locals – from artists and sports heroes to preservationists and developers – who have helped foster the city’s development into a place where uniqueness and diversity are celebrated.

The documentary also includes interviews with national figures, including Oprah Winfrey, who is a devoted fan of Covington’s Fabulous-Furs, which produces designer-quality faux-fur clothing pieces; and television personality Nick Clooney, himself a native of Maysville, a fellow northern Kentucky river town.

Additionally, historians Dr. Jim Klotter, the State Historian of Kentucky and professor of history at Georgetown College, and Dr. Paul Tenkotte, professor of history at Northern Kentucky University and a contributing editor on a new book on Covington’s bicentennial, Gateway City: Covington, Kentucky 1815-2015, share their insights into the city’s evolution and rich history.

The film also includes cutting-edge cinematography, including quad-copter aerial videography, which allowed filmmakers to feature opening and closing shots of flying through the iconic spires of Covington’s Mother of God Catholic Church.

Covington at 200: Points of View is a production of Battery Row Productions, produced and directed by Steve Oldfield and Sean Thomas. Oldfield has worked as a reporter and host for Fox television stations around the country and now, in addition to filmmaking, also teaches photography classes and mentors high school and college filmmakers in Northern Kentucky. Thomas, an Army veteran and former Washington, D.C. videographer, works as a teacher and football coach at Conner High School in Hebron, in addition to producing history videos and tours.

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