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‘Kentucky Health’ discusses Crohn’s Disease and treatment options


‘Kentucky Health’ discusses Crohn’s Disease and treatment options

For Release: 01/15/21 11:10 AM

With improvements in medical treatment, the number of patients who have Crohn’s disease and require surgical treatment has decreased. But for some patients it’s the only option.  Dr. Wayne Tuckson speaks with Dr. Sandy Kavalukas, a colorectal surgeon with UofL Health, about how she evaluates patients with Crohn’s disease and when surgery is recommended.

The episode Kentucky Health: Crohn’s Disease: When Surgery Is Required airs Sunday, Jan. 24, at 12:30 pm/11:30 am on KET and Monday, Jan. 25, at 2/1 pm on KET2. 

Kentucky Health is a weekly KET program that seeks to improve the people’s health through education and increased awareness. Kentucky Health is hosted by Dr. Wayne Tuckson, a colorectal surgeon in Louisville, and produced by Laura Krueger.

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