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2015 KET Young Writers Contest winners announced


2015 KET Young Writers Contest winners announced

For Release: 06/15/15 3:46 PM

Creativity abounded in the 579 stories received in this year’s 2015 KET Young Writers Contest. Whether it was a tale of a whimsical “cat-fairy,” a spooky Halloween mystery, a heart-warming story of a shared Christmas tree, or an allegorical fable about the origins of rats’ bare tails, the talent of Kentucky’s young writers was evident again this year in the originality and creative depth of the entries received.

This year, students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade were invited to submit illustrated stories, while students in 4th and 5th grades could enter KET’s short story contest.

The top three winners in each grade are listed below. Full-color e-books of the K-3rd grade illustrated stories and PDFs of the 4th-5th grade short story winners are available online at


1st place: Sophia Elena Mendes Spiegel, Louisville, Ky., “The Cat-Fairy”
2nd place: Evan Stemler, New Albany, In., “The Fishing Family”
3rd place: Sarah Gauhar, Louisville, Ky., “My Brother’s Crazy Imagination”

First Grade

1st place: Piper Stevens, Nicholasville, Ky., “Chick and Mouse’s Christmas Tree”
2nd place: Abigail Woolley, Louisville, Ky., “Carly Clair, Cut Your Hair”
3rd place: Joanna Yates, Winchester, Ky., “The Cow that Wanted to Fly”

Second Grade

1st place: Charles Weaver, Goshen, Ky., “An Out of this World Halloween Mystery”
2nd place: Hannah McGregor, Lexington, Ky., “The Wild Girls in the Meadow”
3rd place: Sean’nae Williams, Louisville, Ky., “Show and Tell Time”

Third Grade

1st place: Jaci Mathis, Huntington, W.V., “A Peek into Delores’s Past”
2nd place: Kiran Koul, Lexington, Ky., “The Musical Night in the Kitchen”
3rd place: Alexis Abboud, Goshen, Ky., “Adoption is Love”

Fourth Grade

1st place: Lauren Wood, Louisville, Ky., “The Traveler’s Castle”
2nd place: Vance Mueller, Frankfort, Ky., “Tom and Chip”
3rd place: Makena Freese, Lexington, Ky., “How Rats and Their Bare Tails Came to Be”

Fifth Grade

1st place: Soraya Bouzouma, Lexington, Ky., “The Poster”
2nd place: Abby Kane, Crestview Hills, Ky., “The Evil Endoscopy”
3rd place: Montanna Carpenter, Owingsville, Ky., “The Best Papaw Ever”

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Todd Piccirilli
Senior Director, Marketing and Communications