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NextGen TV


NEXTGEN TV is the latest digital television technology and will become the new federal standard for broadcast, beginning to roll out market by market.

Built off the recently developed ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard, NEXTGEN TV intends to provide a better audio and video experience for viewers and combines over-the-air broadcast with the internet.



Why is KET launching NEXTGEN TV?

KET is among the first 15 public television stations to launch NEXTGEN TV. The Louisville viewing area was upgraded to the new technology on September 19 at 11 a.m. ET.

What do I need to do if I have cable or satellite television?

Nothing. NEXTGEN TV applies to over-the-air broadcast only throughout Kentucky.

What do I need in order to watch NEXTGEN TV?

  • Louisville area
    Beginning September 11, over-the-air viewers in the Louisville area can receive KET’s (and other television stations’) NEXTGEN broadcast with an antenna and television or converter box capable of handling the NEXTGEN signal. Many new television sets already come equipped with NEXTGEN TV, so please check your model’s specifications. An antenna and internet connection will give you access to the upcoming full range of capabilities for NEXTGEN TV.
  • The rest of Kentucky
    Your areas have not been scheduled yet for the NEXTGEN TV upgrade yet.

Do I need to rescan my TV or converter box channels?

  • Louisville area
    Yes, if you use an antenna to watch TV, you must rescan your television. Please go to our rescan page for more information and instructions.
  • The rest of Kentucky
    Your area has not been scheduled yet for the NEXTGEN TV upgrade. So, no action on your part is needed.

What’s my channel lineup?

  • Louisville area
    The new NEXTGEN TV channel lineup starting September 19:
    • 68.1 – KET2
    • 68.2 – KET
    • 68.3 – KET KY
    • 68.4 – KET PBS KIDS
    • 68.5 – KET WORLD*

      *Viewers without the proper equipment to receive a NEXTGEN TV signal, can find The WORLD Channel livestreaming for free at
  • The rest of Kentucky
    Your area has not been scheduled yet for the NEXTGEN TV upgrade and your current lineup remains unchanged.

When is my area converting?

Once NEXTGEN TV is scheduled to roll out in other Kentucky markets, KET will alert viewers in those areas.

NOTE: Features available on NEXTGEN TV will vary by device and by broadcaster as commercial service becomes available in more markets. Visit NEXTGEN TV for more information.